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Employing recently discovered DNA telomere science, Sierra Sciences is experimenting with the use of compounds to maintain chromosomal integrity. Telomeres are repeated sequences of DNA at the end of all our chromosomes. They serve as caps that protect our genes. These endpoint nucleotides grow shorter as we grow older.

First telomerase inducing chemical found with no adverse effects.

On November 6th, 2007, Sierra Sciences found its first telomerase inducing chemical; called C0057684. This chemical is the first ever discovered by Sierra that activates the telomerase enzyme gene without killing the cells. Efforts are presently underway to learn everything possible about C0057684. But in addition, C0057684 has provided Sierra Sciences with the first positive control ever for detection of telomerase gene activity in normal human cells. This has served as a very powerful tool for the development of robust high throughput screening assays for finding additional telomerase inducing chemicals

Compound Screening
Our researchers are searching for and testing compounds, some of which occur naturally, to turn on a special gene in human subjects.

Welcome to our Lab !

Sierra Sciences is seeking individuals passionate about reversing the aging process to get involved in the company at levels of funding, strategy, and management. As new drugs are released into trials, Sierra will be looking for participants passionate about taking charge. The term "Ward of the State" is closer to retirement.

Almost 400 telomerase inducers found thus far from over 100,000 candidates.

These represent 32 distinct drug families of which the most potent compound as achieved 6% of our desired potency thus far.

Please check back frequently for updates.

We are screening up to 4,000 compounds each week.